Applying for your gun license? Let us help you!

We provide Massachusetts approved basic firearms safety classes in the Greater Boston area for license to carry (LTC) applicants starting at $125 ($100 w/ guest).

Why Choose Us?

Hands-on Courses

Whether you're learning to apply tourniquets or taking a basic firearms safety class, you'll get hands-on experience and personal feedback from an instructor so you can feel confident with the skills you learn!

Guest Discount

Receive a 20% discount for you and a friend when booking and attending a Massachusetts gun licensing class together.

Classes by Appointment

Do you have schedule conflicts with the class dates we have available? Contact us to schedule a class at a different time/date!

You can save a life!Be prepared to care for your loved ones.

Whether it's CPR or stopping heavy bleeding, you don't need to be a medical professional to learn how to handle emergency situations.

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New to Firearms?

Enroll in a FREE Safety Seminar

If you're new to firearms and aren't sure if getting a license is right for you, register for a FREE safety seminar and we'll help you learn more. No strings attached!

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