We are no longer providing LTC/FID classes in Quincy. Our classes are now held in Boston at the Boston Gun & Rifle range.

Applying for your gun license? Let us help you!

We provide Massachusetts approved basic firearms safety classes with live fire in the Boston area for license to carry (LTC) & FID applicants.

Why Choose Us?

Hands-on Courses

Whether you're learning to apply tourniquets or taking a basic firearms safety class, you'll get hands-on experience and personal feedback from an instructor so you can feel confident with the skills you learn!

Live Fire Included

Our classes include live fire exercises so you can apply what you learn and experience shooting a real gun!

Certified Instructors

Our instructors are committed to continous learning. We hold certifications from multiple organizations such as Sig Sauer Academy, USCAA and the NRA.

Advanced Training

Let us help you reach the next level!

Go beyond the basics and learn vital pistol skills such as how to draw from concealment, one-handed pistol techniques, defensive shooting techniques and more!

You can save a life!Be prepared to care for your loved ones.

Whether it's CPR or stopping heavy bleeding, you don't need to be a medical professional to learn how to handle emergency situations.

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