Boston, MA  One-Time LTC Class 

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Applying for your gun license? Let us help you!

Massachusetts Approved Basic Firearms Safety Course

100% Hands-on Professional Training

Live Shooting Included!

Why Choose Us?

Hands-on Courses

The best way to learn is to get your hands dirty! You'll get hands-on experience and personal feedback from an instructor so you can feel confident with the skills you learn!

Live Fire Included

Some towns require you to take a class that includes live shooting in order to apply for your LTC. We've got you covered!

Certified Instructors

Our instructors are committed to continous learning. We hold certifications from multiple organizations such as Sig Sauer Academy, USCAA and the NRA.

Advanced Training

Let us help you reach the next level!

Take a private lesson to improve your shooting or go beyond the basics and learn vital pistol skills such as how to draw from concealment, defensive shooting techniques and more!

Our Location


We are no longer located in Quincy, MA! Our classes are now hosted at Boston Gun & Rifle in Boston, MA. Unfortunately, Google is taking a long time to update our address.