Firearm Courses

Our Massachusetts gun licensing classes are conducted in Quincy, MA. We'll make sure you can confidently handle firearms by the end of the class! We also offer more advanced training in Boston, MA to bring you to the next level!

Basic Firearms Safety

Massachusetts Gun Licensing Class (LTC/FID)

time4-5 hours
priceQuincy, MA

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting

timeApprox. 8 hours
priceQuincy, MA
Online Class

Massachusetts Gun Licensing Class (LTC/FID): Basic Pistol (Online)

time3 hours In-Person
priceQuincy, MA
Next Step Training

Emergency Trauma Response & Pistol Defense

time4 hours
priceBoston, MA

Learn how to stop heavy bleeding and defend yourself with a pistol using one-handed techniques in the event of a traumatic injury in this hybrid medical/pistol training class.

Concealed Carry & Defensive Handgun Fundamentals -(Coming Soon!)

time5 hours
priceBoston, MA

Learn the fundamental skills you need to determine how and when to defend yourself with a pistol and feel confident carrying concealed.

Other Services

Range Session At Boston Gun & Rifle For New Shooters

time1hr 15min
LocationBoston, MA

NRA Range Safety Officer Course

timeUp To 9 hours
priceQuincy, MA